I got a new sewing machine for Christmas…surprise!! How did he know…it could have been the complaining…or it could have been that we stopped at the Vancouver Pfaff dealer (together) to look at machines that could make buttonholes consistently and quickly.  I guess those were strong enough hints because  the machine is now mine and I absolutely love it!  In my last post I talked a lot about the buttonholes…the ones I made with my old Singer attachment weren’t horrible, but they were never great.  There was always a  couple of days of planning and positive thoughts and meditation required to prepare for the event and the results were not guaranteed to be better than about 50/50.   This new machine makes buttonholes almost perfectly on its own and with just a bit of practise I think they can be absolutely perfect every time.

I have never been a fan of overly technical machines.  I didn’t really want a new computer I just wanted a simple mechanical sewing machine – like my old one only better – and that could make reliably consistent buttonholes in varying types of fabric.  When I saw the buttonholes made by this Pfaff Expression 3.5, I was hooked. After all, I reasoned, computers would not be so popular if we aren’t meant to use them.  The precision with which I could make adjustments is what really sold me.  The ability to adjust the needle position left or right in fractions of millimetres means a fairly simple task, like installing an invisible zipper, becomes even easier, even faster and almost impossible to mess up.

This machine has 204 pre-programmed stitches…not sure I needed all of those, that but they are there if I want to use them.  I used one of the cross stitch settings to jazz up these guest room sheets.  That was kind of fun…but it will take some more practise.  I seem to have stretched the pattern in some places and I’m not exactly sure why yet.   I let the bobbin run out of thread on the top sheet and although I know in principle that I should be able to start at exactly the same place as I stopped, it didn’t work perfectly. I still have a few things to learn here.

The key feature for me is the electronic Sensormatic button hole foot.  The foot plugs into the machine, in a bit of an awkward spot, but once its plugged in and the settings are tweaked, it makes beautiful oval, keyhole and bar tacked buttonholes over and over.  This shirtdress has 14 buttonholes and they were done in under 20 minutes.  They were completed without a hitch, and they are all exactly the same.  This fabric is a little bit heavy so I opted not to interface it.  I’m not sure if the tacks at the ends would have pinched if I had interfaced – but I guess that is the value of testing things out…

I have a bunch of ideas so hopefully my posts will be more regular and frequent from now on.  No excuses!



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