Style Arc – Danni Dolman Dress

As most of my ideas for fashion start with footwear, this fabric, which I bought because I thought it would go well with the boots, was no exception.  I like the mildly monochromatic look and I also don’t have to think too hard about what goes with what.  Dresses are great for simplifying the process of … Continue Reading

Burda 3077 (out of print)

I’m not sure when patterns become vintage but this classic style must be close.  I first made it for my daughter about 18 or 20 years ago.  I think she liked it but I have to admit that at the time I didn’t love it.  The style was/is great, but I wasn’t totally happy with my … Continue Reading

Another Vogue 7978

This is the second time I have made this coat.  The pattern was first printed in 2004 but it’s so simple I don’t think it can be attached to any decade. This fabric is a piece that I bought on line from Emma One Sock. As is commonly the case with my random purchases, I didn’t really have enough … Continue Reading

Silk Charmeuse – Burda Style Magazine 02-2008 #119

One of the big benefits of sewing my own stuff is that I can have more of what I like and less of what I don’t like. Right now the top of the like list is occupied by anything made out of silk. Silk comes in a number of weaves, but my favourites are silk charmeuse, chiffon, four … Continue Reading

Boat Cushions

  This little brass plaque has been on our bookshelves since my oldest son, one of the boat owners and the main maintenance guy, was a child.  I guess it didn’t cause him much concern because this is his second adventure into boat responsibilities.  The new boat is a 1974 Albin 25 that has not had … Continue Reading

Burda Style Magazine 10-2012-118

I really like this pattern.   It’s from the October 2012 Burda Style magazine, but can be purchased on line here .  Sewing this pattern is as easy or as complicated as one wants to make it. My version is in between, which to me means that it is lined, but I used the serger a lot. … Continue Reading

Burda Style

    This dress is actually the prequel to the gray knit dress.  It’s the first version I made from a pattern that I traced from the Burda Style Magazine #02-2012-117B. The fabric is a ponte knit with some rayon.  It’s fairly firm and I loved the colour. I bought the fabric from Emma One Sock, on … Continue Reading

Easy Peasy Poncho

Every now and again, it’s nice to make something that looks really good, is versatile and wearable, and takes very little time and effort.  The fabric is a 100% cashmere that I bought as a remnant.  It was a truly beautiful piece of light weight, warm, and soft, pure luxury…and this is just about the … Continue Reading

Vogue 7978

This is an out of print Vogue Pattern (copyright 2004).  It’s a great basic, and as you will see from my embellishment “journey”, it’s easy to customise. I made this a couple of years ago, but wanted to write about it to discuss the notion of keeping the plan flexible.  I bought the fabric because I just … Continue Reading

Burda Style Dress 02-2012-117B

DIAGONAL LINES DRESS Here is a cool dress pattern to try. It’s from the Burda Style Magazine 02-2012 #117b.  This is my second version.  My first one had a few fitting “issues”.  I made the first dress out of a much firmer ponte knit, without making a muslin.  By the time I made all the adjustments, … Continue Reading

Vogue 8933

I love this coat. I made it about a year ago and just reviewed it on Pattern Review.  It’s a great style with a big cozy collar.  The pattern goes together well for being an “easy” pattern and overall it was pretty successful. There are a few things about the pattern that anyone who wants … Continue Reading